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Jenn Sandercock: Game Design Portfolio

Welcome to Jenn Sandercock's game design portfolio...

Portrait Pic

On these pages you will find my personal game design portfolio, including related interests. I am the founder of Inquisiment, an indie studio that creates games fostering friendship, curiosity and challenge. Our first game, aglimpse: friends, is about challenging friends one-on-one to take photos of themselves and their world. It's available now on iOS and Android.

The theme of the website relates to brooches that I collect and wear. Note that I both buy brooches and make my own. I have created all of the images you will find on the following pages, except where noted otherwise. This portfolio is constantly being added to, so if you have any problems accessing content, please contact me.

Edible Games

I'm in the process of creating a series of edible games. They will be varied games, but one thing they have in common is that one of the core gameplay mechanics is eating. Yes! Eating! Real world eating. Play games like The Order of the Oven Mitt, Gingerbread Friends, Flavour Roulette and more!

The Order of the Oven Mitt won the Interaction Award at IndieCade 2016.

The Sacred Board Set up to play the game Hidden items on the board


Lost along a dusty stretch of highway, this proud town once boasted an opulent hotel, a vibrant business district, and the state’s largest pillow factory, but now stinks of a desperate longing to be what it once was.

A body has been found in the river, bloated and pixelated from the decay of a death come too soon. Agents Ray and Reyes arrive and are immediately suspicious of each other’s intentions, then a couple of pigeons show up and start talking about the signals and it only gets weirder from there.

A cursed clown, a bitter heiress, and the ghost of pillow salesmen join the story and add their own complications.

Play and switch between all five characters as you explore the vast, strange, and manipulative world of Thimbleweed Park while unraveling a dark and humorous neo-noir mystery.

Solve puzzles dreamed up by the brains of Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, creators of the original point & click adventure game, Maniac Mansion.

Coming in early 2017 to Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and Linux. iOS, Android, and other platforms will follow soon after.

The Bridge Delores in the Cemetery Reyes in the Bathroom Ray at the Vista


fun photo challenges fostering friendship and curiosity

DISCOVER: Play a photo-sharing game that allows you to glimpse life’s everyday objects in a different way.

PLAY: Challenge yourself and friends with personalised photo-based brain teasers.

CONNECT: Create a personal photo story of your life with a friend and peek into their world beyond social media.


Silly Challenges Look up from your phone Choose Challenges Play with Friends

Gameplay Mechanic a Month Project

Every month for the year 2013 I posted a new implemented gameplay mechanic. The goal behind this project was to encourage diverse thinking and to practice implementation. Go to the gameplay mechanic a month project page to see all of the mechanics or simply select one of the featured gameplay mechanics shown below.

If you'd like to read about the development process and why I did this project, read the Gamasutra article I wrote: Making Games That Give Me Hugs.

Translate dragon pitograms

Co-op Translation in "The Dragon Whisperers"

Speak to a dragon in pictograms to save your mother. Each player has half of the dragon dictionary, so you have to work together to translate what is being said.


Keep/Share Prizes in "The Will"

Your father has died and left you and your sister some family heirlooms. Take turns with another player to solve riddles and unlock the heirlooms, then choose to keep or share them with your sister.

Marie's Mr Right

Conversation Editing in "Back to the First Date"

Use time travel to fix a first date that went wrong. Edit the comic book style speech bubbles to change what happens on the date.

Search, Breed, Repeat

A game created for the 2012 Global Game Jam based on the ouroboros (a symbol representing the cycle of life, death and rebirth). Search for your soul mate, breed with them, create a child, then find your child's soul mate. There are two play modes: reality and denial. In reality, you have a biological clock that is ticking. So you only have a limited amount of time to find your soul mate. In denial, you have all the time in the world: the cycle never finishes and the game ends when you choose to end it.

Created by Team Mate: Pouya Aflatoun (art and design), Clinton Shepherd (code and design), Michael Theiler (audio and design) and myself (design and production).


Start Screen Denial Mode Reality Mode

Vet Lucie Disastrous:
A fable of good and evil in three acts

Lucifer Disastrous, aka Lucie, is an evil vet trying to live up to the expectations of her infamous father, Dr Dr Disastrous. Unfortunately, most of Lucie's actions end end up as good deeds. Join Lucie in this classic point-and-click adventure game as she explores the sides of good and evil in the small town of Darklight.

Created in Adventure Game Studio with the assistance of Saul Alexander, the demo can be downloaded from the Vet Lucie Disastrous home page.

Get assistance from your cats Looking around the world More rooms in the game

Idea a Week Project

Every week for a year, between October 2009 and October 2010, I posted a new game idea. Some of these game ideas have gone on to get implemented, others will be implemented in the future. The goal behind the project was to encourage creativity and quick thinking. Go to the idea project page to see all of the ideas or select one of the showcase game ideas shown below.

Which way to turn to save the day?

Final idea: Week 52

The Seven Games of Evil Edgar

Evil Edgar is a game designer who has created 7 games from 7 genres to capture the souls of innocent players. You must explore the game worlds to find and free the 7 people trapped inside his 7 games.

Lucie Disastrous

Vet Lucie Disastrous

A humorous adventure game about an evil vet, Lucifer Disastrous, aka Lucie, who wants to continue in her family's evil traditions, but keeps doing good instead. A demo game has been released, see Vet Lucie Disastrous home page

Mysterious tree in the living room

The Curious Case of the Tree in the Living Room

A comedic mystery about what happened last night with a strange dog on the bed, a tree in the living room, half a tattoo and a note to meet "Mr Right" with no address.

The Grim Reaper

The Black Death

A FPS style game where you hunt down victims to mark them for death during the Plague years in Europe.

Leisure Suit Larissa

Leisure Suit Larissa

An adaptation of the classic adventure game, Leisure Suit Larry. Help Larissa Laffer find a husband who meets her childhood checklist, before her biological clock stops ticking. This game won the Game Career Guide Gender Swap Design Challenge.


Battle for Night Supremacy

An RPG where you can play as either a vampire, werewolf, magician or human in a fight to determine who rules the night.

Dreaming in bed

Eternal Dream

A story-heavy game where you play a character who is stuck in a lab that sucks your dreams out.

The Greek god on his sun chariot

Sun God Chariots

Become a Sun God on a chariot and race Sun Gods from other cultures. Control the sun and use special powers to attack others.

Cocktail glass and shaker

Cocktail Challenge

Make cocktails with the Wii-remote and battle against your friends.

Drum Kit and the World

Rock Band World Tour Manager

Gain popularity and money as you manage a rock band and decide where they go on tour.

Lion sitting down

Alpha Lion

Play a lion cub to hunt and fight your way to the alpha position in your pride.


Dance Competition

A dancing game on the Wii where you can upload your own dance moves to share with the community.

Girl floating through Versailles

Gardens of Versailles

A platformer game based around exploring world famous castles and their gardens.