Fashion Police

Sole Developer

Fashion Police: The Game is a game about correctly identifying outfits as “hot” or “not”. It’s also a community where you can send in your own outfits and use your opinion to change what’s set as “hot” or “not”. Try to get a high score by getting as many points as possible (annihilation game) or clearing waves of outfits from the room as quickly as possible (time trial game). Outfits are judged not just on whether the clothes go together, but whether those clothes suit that person’s body. So you’ll find the same outfit on different people with different results. The emphasis in Fashion Police is on long-term styles, rather than passing trends.

This game was created entirely by me using Lua and the LÖVE 2D engineLuaSocket was used for the internet connection so that poll and high score data could be uploaded, and so the game can tell the user when a newer version has been released. The images of celebrities are taken from Red Carpet Fashion Awards (although the opinions on the outfits are mine). All other outfits are of me and of my friends who kindly agreed to be part of the game.

Game Type: Digital

Genre: Arcade, Photography, Single Player, Social

Developer: Jenn Sandercock

Initial Release: 2010

Project Type: Personal

Team Size: 1

Platforms: Web Browser, Windows

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aglimpse: friends

Game designer, writer, front-end programmer, producer

A fun photo challenges fostering friendship and curiosity

DISCOVER: Play a photo-sharing game that allows you to glimpse life’s everyday objects in a different way.

PLAY: Challenge yourself and friends with personalised photo-based brain teasers.

CONNECT: Create a personal photo story of your life with a friend and peek into their world beyond social media.

Game Type: Digital, Non-Digital

Genre: Multi-player, Photography, Puzzle

Developer: Inquisiment

Initial Release: 2016

Project Type: Commercial

Platforms: Android, iOS