The Will

Game designer, writer, programmer, artist, producer

Your father has died and left some family heirlooms to you and your sister behind locked doors in his study. You must take it in turns to solve his riddles and open the locked doors. When you find something, you can choose to keep it for yourself or share it with your sister. What kind of sister will you be? One who keeps everything for themselves, one who shares only when your sister shares, or one who shares everything?

Choose your playing partner wisely. Your choices will affect how these two sisters get along as they deal with their father’s death. As you play you will discover more about the relationship these two sisters had with their sexist father.

This is a turn-based 2 player point-and-click adventure game. After you have taken your turn, you email a friend so they can continue the game. When they are done, you’ll receive an email and a save game code so you can keep searching the room.

Game Type: Digital

Genre: Hidden Object Game, Multi-player

Developer: Jenn Sandercock

Initial Release: 2013

Project Type: Personal

Team Size: 1

Platforms: Web Browser

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