The Tree Mysteries Part One: Marie’s Mr Right

Sole Developer

You play as a young woman named Marie. You and your housemates had a dinner party last night and you can’t seem to remember everything that happened. You have an enigmatic phone message about Mr Right and it seems that Mr Right might not be your boyfriend! Talk to your housemates to find out who Mr Right is and listen to their opinions about your love life. Choose whether or not to listen to your friends, follow your heart, follow your mind or a little of everything.

For this implementation, the story was written in a spreadsheet and can be switched out for another story completely. That is, the code is entirely independent on the story being told. The syntax requires the spreadsheet to specify the conditions for which each passage of text is valid based on what the player has “remembered” and which passages have already been seen by the player. This means that if desired, the code framework can be used to create an entirely different game about different people and different mysteries.

Game Type: Digital

Genre: Adventure Game, Single Player

Developer: Jenn Sandercock

Initial Release: 2013

Project Type: Personal

Team Size: 1

Platforms: Web Browser

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