The Dragon Whisperers

Game designer, writer, programmer, producer

You and your sibling must save your mother’s life by travelling to the top of a temple guarded by a dragon. The dragon asks questions in pictograms and if you want to be understood you’ll need to reply in pictograms. Luckily you have a dragon dictionary! Unfortunately you only have half of the dictionary. Your sibling has the other half!

You must work sitting next to a friend in the real world to translate what the dragon is saying and determine what you should say in response. If you choose correctly, you will ascend the temple steps and get closer to saving your mother’s life. If you choose incorrectly you will be forced to descend.

The Dragon Whisperers is a two player offline co-op game and requires both of you to have the app installed on your device. One player must select “Player 1” at the beginning, the other must select “Player 2”.

Game Type: Digital

Genre: Co-op, Multi-player, Puzzle

Developer: Grinning Dolphin

Initial Release: 2013

Project Type: Personal

Team Size: 3

Platforms: Android, iOS