Team Ninja

Sole Developer

A mod of the game Ninja to turn it into a co-op/paired/team game. Players must hold hands with a partner and work as a team to eliminate all the other players. If players release hands, they lose.

Get together 6 or more friends together on a field or large open space. Find a partner. Hold hands with your partner. Each team takes turns to move. If your hands are hit, you are out. Try to get other teams out and be the last person standing.

Team Ninja is a great game to play with a mix of children and adults. Children that are too nervous to play against adults can pair up with an adult. It gives children a great sense that they’re in it together and helps build their own confidence.

Game Type: Non-Digital

Genre: Co-op, Multi-player, Physical

Developer: Jenn Sandercock

Initial Release: 2013

Project Type: Personal

Team Size: 1

Platforms: Printed Rules

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