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Create a story with friends using picture and word cards. Take turns at being the storyteller. Embellish the story and help it end the way you want it to. Gather some friends with a set of Dixit cards and the caption cards.

In each round, one player is the “storyteller”. When it is your turn, choose either a picture card or a word card and the other players choose the opposite type of cards to give to you that they believe match to your card. You choose your favourite and contribute to the story using the newly formed picture-caption cards pair. As the game progresses you as a group develop the story further and let it go where you want it to. The game ends when someone says the magic words “The End”. There is no winner, players simply enjoy creating a story together.

Game Type: Non-Digital

Genre: Co-op, Multi-player, Player Judge

Developer: Jenn Sandercock

Initial Release: 2013

Project Type: Personal

Team Size: 3

Platforms: Printed Rules

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