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PS3 - Platform Summary: Idea a Week : Jenn Sandercock's Ideas

Game Idea A Week: PS3 Platform Summary

This page shows the games intended for PS3.

Evil Edgar is a game designer who has created 7 games from 7 genres to capture the souls of innocent players. You must explore the game worlds to find and free the 7 people trapped inside his 7 games.

Which way to turn to save the day?

A family-friendly platformer about the gods of the Four Seasons. Play as each of the Four Seasons and use special powers to save the Kingdom from the clutches of General Stability.

Four Seasons Gods

A platformer where the Sidekick takes center stage and finally gets credit for all the hard work that is needed to help a superhero and save the world.

Sidekicks are important too

A game for toddlers on the XBox or Playstation. Players are either a fairy or a gnome and move around the levels collecting stars or spots.

Gnomes and Fairies

You are the Grim Reaper. You must mark people to die based on historical statistics from Medieval Europe. Hunt down your prey as they run from you. Fight off angels who try to stop you, and thwart all the doctors' attempts to save the innocents.

The grim reaper

A virtual version of the classic game for young children, using diverse levels from parks to snow-capped mountains.

Girl counting to 100

A children's platformer game for PS3 and XBox 360. The player is a Ladybird, who can crawl up walls, and fly across obstacles. The Ladybird needs to get home to find the children, and is assisted along the way by other bug friends that the player can control as well.

Flying ladybird

Dance in a group with complex choreography and make sure you don't step on the other dancers' feet.

Dancing team

Prophets tell of a time to come when only one clan will be left standing in the night. There will be signs, then you must choose a side: vampires or werewolves or magicians or humans. Fight until all others surrender, so you can claim the Night Supremacy.


A platformer game where you explore the great gardens and castles of the world, culminating in visiting the Palace of Versailles in France.

Girl Floating through Palace of Versailles