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Mobile - Platform Summary: Idea a Week : Jenn Sandercock's Ideas

Game Idea A Week: Mobile Phone Platform Summary

This page shows the summary of which platform each of the games was intended for. Click on a platform to see all the games for that platform.

A casual game about a monkey who likes hats: make him sway back and forth to collect hats and then make sure they don't tip and fall off his head as he journeys forward.

The Hat Monkey

Search the airport and the skies for people and things to get bingo before your travel partner or before you arrive at your destination.

Cartoon plane

Play trivia games anywhere anytime, all you need is your mobile phone. Play in teams, free for all, head-to-head or on your own. Choose how long to play for, just a quick round or an epic battle of the minds.

Trivia Time Trial Stopwatch

Control a little Weazel attached to a ball and try to pick up as many power ups as you can, while avoiding other Weazels and negative objects. This game has a simple mechanic, but is an interesting game for adults.

A Weazel with his ball

Train your reflexes by relying on a microphone during a series of mini-games, including quick spotting, memory, snap and more.

Brain running quickly

A killer computer is trying to connect itself up to bombs. You must stop it by connecting it up to flowers instead, in this puzzle game of circuit diagrams.

Possible screenshot of Killer Computer

Jump through city streets to escape the evil clutches of Bridezilla.

Bridezilla rampages through the city

Use your touch screen to draw star formations for the grasshopper to perform.

Grasshopper practicing underneath stars