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Nintendo DS - Platform Summary: Idea a Week : Jenn Sandercock's Ideas

Game Idea A Week: Nintendo DS Platform Summary

This page shows games that are intended for the Nintendo DS.

Play trivia games anywhere anytime, all you need is your mobile phone. Play in teams, free for all, head-to-head or on your own. Choose how long to play for, just a quick round or an epic battle of the minds.

Trivia Time Trial Stopwatch

Train your reflexes by relying on a microphone during a series of mini-games, including quick spotting, memory, snap and more.

Brain running quickly

Fly in 3D on a stork, make your own smurfs and share with other players. Collect all the smurfs scattered through New York and choose which to use in fun mini-games on the Nintendo 3DS.

Papa Smurf flying on a stork over New York

Use your touch screen to draw star formations for the grasshopper to perform.

Grasshopper practicing underneath stars

A platformer game where you explore the great gardens and castles of the world, culminating in visiting the Palace of Versailles in France.

Girl Floating through Palace of Versailles

Manage a rock band and decide where they will go on tour. Improve the band's popularity, your money and make sure the band doesn't spend too much time together - they may start bickering.

Drum Kit in front of Earth