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Non-digital Games: Jenn Sandercock

Welcome to my non-digital games page...

Puzzle brooch

This page contains games that I have made that are not in the digital realm. These games might be card and board games, or games that are outside and involve physical activity as well.

Edible Games

My edible games are a series of fabulous and delicious food experiences to play with friends and family. Think of it like: tasty treats meet good, old-fashioned fun. Some of them are sweet, others are savoury, and they all have one thing in common — you can eat the pieces! (In fact, it’s required!)

I'm putting a dozen of these games into a cookbook that was successfully Kickstarted in July 2018. One of the games, The Order of the Oven Mitt won the Interaction Award at IndieCade 2016.

The Sacred Board Set up to play the game Hidden items on the board


While on a car trip, take turns calling out "Guesstimate!" when you spot a car coming towards you. The guesser has to make a quick guesstimate of how many markers you will pass on the side of the road before the car passses you. Find out the true answer and compare it with the Guesstimate. The more accurate you are, the lower your score will be.

Guesstimate! starts Guesser calls their Guesstimate, Caller starts counting the markers When the other car passes, compare the result

Team Ninja

Work as a pair to assassinate opponents in a real world playing field. Find 6 or more friends, find an open playing area, create teams of two. Take it in turns to try to hit opponent's hands to "assassinate" them and be the last team standing.

Rule 1: Hold hands Move on your turn Defend yourself


Gather some friends with a set of Dixit cards and the caption cards.
Create a story together with picture and word cards.
Take turns at being the storyteller.
Embellish the story and help it end the way you want it to.

In each round, one player is the "storyteller". When it is your turn, choose either a picture card or a word card and the other players choose the opposite type of cards to give to you that they believe match to your card. You choose your favourite and contribute to the story using the newly formed picture-caption cards pair. As the game progresses you as a group develop the story further and let it go where you want it to. The game ends when someone says the magic words "The End". There is no winner, players simply enjoy creating a story together.

Backs of the cards Starting lines Continuing the story

The Cookie Baking Game

Bake with friends!
Compete for ingredients!
Create new flavour combinations!
Eat delicious (horrible?) cookies!
Try to avoid doing the dishes!

Based on performance in the game, choose real ingredients to make real food that you can actually eat at the end of the game. Every player begins with the same starting batter. Through a series of challenges and mini games, players will battle for the flavours and chunks they cwant to add to their basic batter. The loser of the game has to do all the cleaning up.

One starting batter, multiple cookies to be made. Table set with cooking stations Many alternative flavours and chunks to add Different cookies can be made.

Business Card Games

On the back of my 2013 business cards are small games that use my extensive brooch collection. Choose the odd brooch out for each game, then attempt to guess what your friends would answer. Meet me to get some stickers and create your own game.

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Business Card Games

On the back of my 2012 business cards are small games that use my extensive brooch collection. You need to go from the “start” to the “finish” by linking brooches that have something in common.

If you're stuck, there are hints available to help you work out exactly what each brooch is and where you should go next.

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Legacy Card Game

In this print 'n' play card game YOU are a world leader. How will you be remembered? Build your Legacy with Banks, Monuments and Parades. Build the same type of Legacy for extra points. Watch out, other people can destroy your Legacies!

This simple to learn, complex to master game involves collecting resources, destroying your friends' Legacies and trying to build a consistent Legacy to be remembered by. I handcrafted the game entirely, including all card designs. The game was inspired as part of the idea a week project, see idea 8. You can now buy this game through the Game Crafter website. They will print the game and send it to you, see Legacy on Game Crafter.

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Gold Resource card Subject Resource card Monument Legacy card Billboard Destroy card Bank Legacy card Thief Destroy card

Snakes Uno Ladders

Take two old favourites: a deck of Uno cards and a Snakes (Chutes) and Ladders board. Use the Uno cards to advance on the board, send opponents backwards, pick up extra cards and reverse the snakes and ladders. Let the fun begin.

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Snakes Uno Ladders

Meaning of Life SissyFight Card Game

Pit yourself against your friends as you pretend to be kids arguing over the Meaning of Life. Attack other people's arguments, use Comebacks to turn the tables on your would-be attackers, gang up against others, backstab your friends, all in the quest to win the argument.

The game was inspired by the Game Design Workshop at GDC 2010 and as part of the idea a week project, see idea 23.

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Cops & Robbers Card Game

In this card game you are either a Cop or a Robber. Cops start with money and must protect it. Robbers start with no money and must try to steal it from the cops. Players are encouraged to work together since their final score depends on it.

This simple game involves players launching offensives against their enemy in an attempt to get money or send robbers to jail. Cards have no words, so the game can easily be played internationally. The game was inspired as part of the idea a week project, see idea 20. You can now buy this game through the Game Crafter website. They will print the game and send it to you, see Cops vs Robbers on Game Crafter.

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Back of the Offence/Defence Cards Subject Resource card Monument Legacy card Billboard Destroy card

Plane Travel Bingo

Plane travel bingo

A game that keeps you entertained on the plane by looking at passengers and out the window to try and cross off as many items as possible. Reach bingo before your travel companions or before your journey is over. Read more about this game...

Monopoly Scavenger Hunt

Melbourne Monopoly

This is a version of a scavenger hunt that helps you get to know your own city by using a Monopoly board to determine where to go hunting for items next. This is a great social since it also helps you get to know your team members and your competitors. Teams go together to the same Monopoly places and then split up to search for items for a set period of time. At the end of the time, they meet back up and roll the dice to determine the next place to go searching. This game differs from a standard scavenger hunt because when everyone is walking to a destination they are all together and so it encourages talking between teams, meaning people aren't just stuck only talking to their teammates all day. Read more about the rules, including a sample item list...