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Game Ideas and Inspiration: Jenn Sandercock

Welcome to my ideas page...

Feather brooch

This page contains game ideas from their preliminary stages, through to design documents. It will also include story ideas and all other aspects about the games prior to implementation.

Some of the ideas listed here have gone on to become implemented games. For example, the idea a week project generated a simple online game based on matching snowflakes according to colour and shape (see idea 5). This has lead to that idea being implemented as a demo game, that can be seen and downloaded from the demo page. Other ideas have been implemented as card games, which you can download, print and play from the non-digital games page.

Red Colony,
Red Mars
(winner of the 2014 Gamasutra Game Design Challenge)

It's the future and we're sending another colony ship to Mars, however the colony they establish will be a truly communist colony. In order to ensure that everyone on the ship deserves to be part of the colony, they will play this game for the duration of the long trip to Mars. It's called The Task Game. Everyone must bid for the tasks to be completed on board the ship, if you take on more tasks than others and attempt to get more glory, you will not be allowed to be part of the Red Colony on Mars. Do you have what it takes to be a good communist?

This game idea was created as my entry into the 2014 Gamasutra Game Design Challenge, a competition based on the Game Developer's Conference (GDC) Game Design challenge. The challenge was to create a game that could be played on the long trip to Mars. I won the challenge and received a pound of Martian soil simulant, if you have suggestions on what I can do with the soil, contact me


Idea a Week Project

Every week for a year, between October 2009 and October 2010, I posted a new game idea. Some of these game ideas may go on to become implemented games, but the goal behind this project is to encourage creativity and quick thinking. Go to the idea project page to see all of the ideas or select one of the showcase game ideas shown below.

Girl floating through Versailles

Gardens of Versailles

A platformer game based around exploring world famous castles and their gardens.


Battle for Night Supremacy

An RPG where you can play as either a vampire, werewolf, magician or human in a fight to determine who rules the night.

Circus tent

Run Away to the Circus

A Wii game where you can do Circus tricks such as flying trapeze, juggling and more.

Mysterious tree in the living room

The Curious Case of the Tree in the Living Room

A comedic mystery about what happened last night with a strange dog on the bed, a tree in the living room, half a tattoo and a note to meet "Mr Right" with no address.

Drum Kit and the World

Rock Band World Tour Manager

Gain popularity and money as you manage a rock band and decide where they go on tour.

The Grim Reaper

The Black Death

A FPS style game where you hunt down victims to mark them for death during the Plague years in Europe.

Dance group

Dance Troupe

A dancing game where you must coordinate your moves with the other dancers.

Lion sitting down

Alpha Lion

Play a lion cub to hunt and fight your way to the alpha position in your pride.

Style Rules For You

Fashion Police Coat of Arms Sample screenshot

Look and feel better, without a diet, by discovering which clothes suit you. This project is a sample pitch document including an overview, business and marketing plan and a preliminary design document. The game helps women learn which clothes suit their body shape by using mini-games with characters that look like the players. Feedback is given so that women can learn and improve their clothing choices. The mini-games ask the player to pick a style disaster from style success; finish off an outfit; find out what's wrong with an outfit; or work out what body shape an outfit is best for. The Fashion Police mini-game has been implemented and is available for download (including source code), see the Fashion Police Home Page for more details. Read more on Style Rules for You...

Eternal Dream Story and Game

As part of my game idea a week project (above), a story called Eternal Dream was used as the basis for a game, see game idea 7 for details. The story has been developed further by creating a character profile for a key character, Bolingo, and developing a plan for the starting acts of the game story. Read more about Eternal Dream...

General Gossip game Dreaming in bed

Masters Thesis Design Document

As part of my masters thesis (see more information on the thesis page), I needed to create a game to test my theory of automatically generating character personalities. I worked with a programmer/artist to develop the game so that my AI code could be showcased. To work effectively with the programmer/artist, I developed a design document for the game. The design document can be downloaded as a PDF file. I worked on the A.I. for the characters and a programmer helped me implement the game interface. To see the actual implemented game, check out the demos page.

General Gossip game Your turn to talk Floor plan Talk pop-ups