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Create Your Own Outfits: Fashion Police : Jenn Sandercock
Fashion Police Create Your Own Outfits

Outfit in the game

The game Fashion Police is all about clothes. What looks good together, what suits your body shape and what should really be thrown out of your wardrobe and given to someone else. An example of an outfit within the game is shown on the right. You can be part of the game by taking photos of your own outfits. This page explains how you can include your outfits in step-by-step instructions. At the moment, this page is known to work for Windows, I was unable to test this for a Mac, so contact me if you have problems. Your outfits can become a part of the game in two ways:

Instructions to Make Your Own Outfit

Step 1: Download the game

Start by downloading and installing the latest version of the game to your computer. The first time the game is run it will create a folder called "My_Outfits". Unfortunately, due to some quirk in the game engine I used (in particular the love.filesystem), this directory is hidden away in your system under your username's application data folders (probably something like user/AppData/LOVE/FashionPolice for Windows and /Library/Application Support/LOVE/FashionPolice for Macs). The easiest thing to do is run a search in file explorer or Finder for "My_Outfits" to find out where it is stored in your system. This folder will be where you can store the outfits you create. Note: In Macs it seems that the folder is not automatically created where I think it should be created and I don't know how to fix this.

Step 2: Choose an outfit

Choose an outfit you like or dislike. This can be a photo of a celebrity or one of yourself. When taking a photo of yourself: make sure you get all of you in (head to toe) and try to get the background in a plain background, since it will make the next step easier.

Step 3: Edit the outfit to make it suitable for the game

Now you need to convert your image into the format the game recognises. You'll need some photo editing software. I use the free software gimp to edit my photos. Next: Image with a cartoon face Image with no background

  1. Remove the background: Add a transparency (alpha) channel to the image. Then cut around the person and delete the background. You should be left with something like the image on the right.
  2. Crop and Scale: The image needs to be 256 by 512 pixels. So crop it so that the height is twice the width. Then scale so that it is 256*512px.
  3. Save as a ".png": Now save your image as a ".png", this will preserve the transparency.
  4. Choose your verdict: Decide whether the outfit is "hot" or "not". Rename the file so that the end reads:
    • "_G.png": for a "hot" outfit
    • "_B.png": for a "not" outfit
  5. Add a cartoon face (optional) : If you don't want your face to be shown in public with those clothes, add a cartoon face on top of yours to hide your identity. There are lots of free tools on the internet to create cartoon/manga faces. I used Zwinky, took a screenshot at the end to save the image, deleted the background, then scaled it to fit the image.

Step 4: Use in your own version of the game

Once you have your photo ready to go, save it in your "My_Outfits" folder that was created when you ran the game for the first time (see step 1 for details). If the image is of a celebrity, save it in "My_Outfits/celebrities". Next time you play the game, choose to use "My Outfits" on the selection page of the game (shown below). And voila, you can now see your images in the game.

Choosing starting parameters

Step 5: Send outfits to me to go in the next version of the game

If you like your image and want it in the next version of the game, you'll need to send it to me. The easiest way to do this is to email me (jenn[at]jennsand[dot]com) or check out the contact page for other ways to get in touch with me. I'll then add your image to the next version of the game that is released.

New version available shown on the start screen

Step 6: Download the new game with your outfits

When playing the game, it will automatically tell you on start-up whether there is a new version or not, as shown above. When a new version comes out, go back to the downloads page to update your version. Then you'll get more outfits, including your own to use in game and vote on in the polls.

Comments, Suggestions, Problems?

If you have any problems with the above instructions, please feel free to get in touch with me. I'd be happy to help you out. Also, if you have any comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Email me (jenn[at]jennsand[dot]com) or look at the contact page for other options.