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About: Jenn Sandercock

About Me and Biography

Edible Games

I've created a dozen edible games that must be played by eating the pieces. Some Edible Games are sweet, others are savoury, and they all have one thing in common—you can’t play unless you eat! A cookbook of all these delicious games is available on Kickstarter now. .

Space Invader brooch

Jenn hails from Australia and is driven by the idea of games that forster friendship, curiosity and challenge. As the founder of Inquisiment, Jenn's ambition is to create a world of games that emphasize cooperation rather than competition.

Jenn's always loved games but her modern gaming career evolved from her days at Team Bondi, Media Saints and Disney/Playdom where she was a key developer in games focused on character behaviour, education, and hidden objects. In 2009, she became an independent game developer, determined to build games that challenged conventional game mechanics. Her determination led her to come up with 52 game ideas in 52 weeks and then complete a new challenge to finish 12 games in 12 continuous months. She is currently creating a cookbook of a dozen edible games.

When she's not focused on building games, you can find Jenn exploring her local neighbourhood, posting about brooches, lindy hopping, and adding to her collection of gourmet chocolates.

The following lists are completed, playable games that Jenn has developed or contributed to. They are divided into two categories: Digital and Non-Digital. Games are listed in reverse chronological order, i.e. with the latest games at the top.

Digital Game Biography

For more information on the indie games, go to the indie demos page. For more information on the non-indie games, the links below are to official websites.

Non-digital Game Biography

Talks and Interviews